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SCHREIBER-Bassoon S16NB, 25 keys including high D key whisper key lock, second Bb key, C# trill... more

Product Description "SCHREIBER-Bassoon S16NB"

SCHREIBER-Bassoon S16NB, 25 keys including high D key whisper key lock, second Bb key, C# trill key silver-plated keywork 4 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb made from mountain maple wood, 2 crooks (KER 1&2), case. This bassoon has a standard key system. From this model upwards all instruments have a whisper key lock, a second ring-finger Bb key and a C# trill key for the left hand index finger. This Schreiber bassoon with its excellent intonation and wonderful sound offers the musician the best possibilities for further development.

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